Podcast Episode 5…Show notes

Here are all the show notes and links that tie in with Episode 5 of the Wightstitches Podcast. 😀

Vectis Facts Source.

Roman Villa, Brading, Isle of Wight.

Carisbrooke Castle and Carisbrooke Castle Museum.

Artists Impression of how Carisbrooke Castle once looked.
…  And how the castle looks today.
Close up of the coach house leading to the castle.
Carisbrooke Scarf Knitting Pattern inspired by the portcullis and stonework of the castle.
Exquisite tesserae tiling excavated at the Brading Roman Villa.
rading 2
Inside the exhibition centre that covers the excavated villa.


Brading Cowl Knitting Pattern inspired by the Roman Villa.
Springle Ring Knitting Pattern/Draw Prize.
PicMonkey Collage needles
The Needles, Alum Bay.

Featured Designer: Dedri Uys/Barberton Daisy on Ravelry.

Sophie_s_Garden_Photo_Tutorial_medium2 B;OG
Sophie’s Garden Crochet Pattern.
Lydia Crochet Pattern.

Look at What I Made Blog.

AndreSueKnits Podcast.

BrownieKnits Podcast.

Come Knit With Us Podcast, (Wrongly called ‘Let’s Knit Together’ Ooops!).

Mittens Knitting Patterns and the start of Ellie’s Stocking…


Thank you for Watching … ❤ x


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