Smitten with Mittens …

three c useCor blimey guvnor, it is definitely a double duvet kind of day! White Horses are stampeding across the surface of the Solent and barely an autumn leaf has been left clinging to the wind ravaged branches of the swaying trees. With all this in mind (together with the fact my chubby digits are frozen!)….It seemed the ideal time to launch my latest pattern. For those of you lovelies who have been sweet enough to watch my podcast (find me on YouTube if you haven’t already) you’ll be aware that several things have been in the designing stage … today’s subject is MITTENS!

There are Easy Peasy Mittens: Plain, simple, classic. Great for beginners and so fast to whip up you’ll be able to complete half a dozen gifts before December!plain a use

Then there are Cables on my Vectis Mittens: Yummy, twirly, cushiony and stylish. A little more skill required but not much. Still quick enough for gift giving.

cable c

Plus: Both (available separately) come with a ‘bonus’ of instructions that show you how to turn them into convertible ‘flip-top’ versions.

flip c use

If that wasn’t enough, for a limited time (well, until Christmas Day, actually), In my Ravelry Store Only, use The Discount Code: Mittens (Please don’t judge me, I was too knitted out to be any more imaginative!) and receive £1.50 off your total purchase … just a little thank you to you all for being so supportive 😀

… … speaking of support, without boring you with the details, things are really difficult at the moment and if anyone would like to help keep this blog going by pressing the donate button, I would appreciate it so much more than you would ever know. (I accept pennies…pride is none existent, I find, when desperation knocks at the door! lol) ❤

Thank you xxxxx


Happy Knitting Folks … x



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