Love and Tiny Things …

As many of my regular followers already know, we recently welcomed a very precious and beautiful new addition into our family, and, as promised, here is the special gift I made to mark the occasion. fox e
There is a whole world of hand knitted toy patterns available, but I must confess that very few actually have the qualities I like. I wanted to make something that had a certain ‘vintage’ quality about it and that would stand the test of time, something that would be suitable for a tot and still be loved enough as she grew and to not be confined to the bottom of a box. I also hoped it would be something that she would remember me by as the years inevitably pass.
After a long, long search, I happened across the delightful designs by Little Cotton Rabbits and was smitten! I knew that they encompassed everything I wished for and the only dilemma was which one to choose first! (I say ‘first’ because there is no way I will be able to resist adding to the collection…)
After much thought, I eventually chose ‘The Girl Fox in a Flowery Frock’. And here she is dressed in all her glory…

11949320_10153174257447426_8739747283650835189_n.The pattern is beautifully written, full of detailed instructions and picture tutorials, it is however, pretty labour intensive and a tad fiddly. Lots of sewing/seaming of tiny limbs, some intarsia and the stuffing is an art in itself! But, it is so worth it… The only ‘modifications’ I made, were to use a heavier weight yarn for the socks and pants, which I also couldn’t resist turning into frilly bloomers, and I added a few extra rows to the legs to make her a little bigger. The dress pattern is included but I did add my own motifs. She was a joy to make and I was really pleased with the outcome…can’t wait to get the time to make the next one!

Here is the gorgeous recipient … My first Grandchild, Elena (to be known as Ellie). To say I am besotted would be the biggest understatement ever … Oh, the joy of tiny things …..

Ellie collage

❤ x

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