New Venture & Knocking Knees …

They do say that you are never too old to experience new things. Well I certainly hope that this is true!

For several months I have been contemplating joining the happy band of knitting podcasters on that massive platform known as You Tube. Many, many hours have been spent enjoying the company of The Dancing Geek, Little Bobbins, The Sockmatician, Knitworthy and a whole gamut of other fabulous yarnaholics. So today, with trembling hands and knocking knees, I did just that … and I am simply terrified waiting for any reaction. So, as the whole point of the exercise is to get viewers/subscribers, I thought I would bite the bullet and share my dodgy musings with you lovely lot! Please be kind … I am a virgin you know. lol

My first episode is full of me waffling on a bit, which is, I’m afraid, just the way I am, as you probably know already! It also contains some pretty dodgy editing, (the waffling went on just a bit TOO long) … and ends with some pretty knitting stuff. The aim for future episodes, if viewing figures warrant the making of any, is too include more yarny content, give-a-ways, knitting/crochet advice and tips and less chattering … well I’ll try anyway! I also hope the quality will improve too, it really is very much a steep learning curve twinned with very basic equipment, but it can only get better … she says optimistically.

Anyhoo, my sweets, It would be smashing if you could spare the time to check it out, it is rather long, (back to the waffling element again …), you can always fast forward, and I would really appreciate any comments you would like to make. I may not be at all what you were expecting, so apologies for any disappointment, and this really is a very big, (no pun intended), deal, for me to be doing this, up to now I have managed to stay fairly anonymous so be honest please, just not brutal ..  (or at least leave that for episode two!) lol.

If you do watch,

thank-you-card-with-daisy-flowers-shutterstock_141076960 … I appreciate it more than you’ll ever know. ❤ x

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