Filthy Lucre …



To say life reflects fiction is, in my case at least, not strictly true, However, to say life reflects the weather, well there you may just about have it down to a tee! In essence, it never just rains but it bleedin’ well thunders, hales and pisses it down … lol. In a nutshell, that horrid, horrid subject that the good old Brit finds uncomfortable, (me included), to discuss openly, is in desperately short supply. Yup, we are talking about the green stuff, the root of all evil, dough, dosh, *whispers with eyes lowered* money …. Let’s just say I am serious;y considering changing my middle name to something Grecian!

I am well aware that everyone is affected in one way or another by this financial downturn and sacrifices have to be made, but what happens when everything that can be ‘sacrificed’ has been and even then ends meeting is nowhere near? In essence, today is rent day, and my pockets are empty, I wont bore you with why, only to say it definitely isn’t self inflicted. As a non smoker, teetotaller, cut my own hair kind of gal, extravagance is not my forte, even my love affair with yarn has had to be curtailed (Oh, the pain!…lol) until the situation improves.

0aAnd here is where all you lovely, lovelies come into this uncomfortable equation. Today I launched a new pattern on Ravelry (soon to be followed onto Etsy and Craftsy) and it retails at £4.20. Once Mr Paypal, Mr Love Knitting or Mr Etsy take their cut, I end up with approximately £3.30 per pattern. By my very poor grasp of mathematics, I reckon that equates to 137 sales required to keep my Landlord in a good mood! As a special incentive to help me reach this target, I am offering to sell the new pattern direct to you at the cost price of £3.30 PLUS, one more pattern can be chosen from my Ravelry store, absolutely free. Just email me at to place your order, and leave your preferred email address, I will invoice you by paypal (you do not need to be a paypal member) and your patterns will be available for immediate download once payment is received. As an extra thank you, I will be choosing one buyer to receive a special surprise gift. (yarn related obviously!)

So, Please Meet ‘Summersend’ … New Pattern Launch.

This stylish hat and fingerless glove set was inspired by the gently curling leaves that are almost ready to abandon themselves to autumn…hence its name, Summer’s-End.

Both items are knitted seamlessly in the round, requiring only the very minimum of weaving in ends and tightening of the crown. Reverse stocking stitch gives a lovely warm and hard-wearing fabric whilst providing texture on the outside and a smooth cosy interior. The addition of seed/moss stitch in place of ribbing produces a stylish touch. Great to wear as a slouchy or fold up the brim for a classic look. I have chosen a good quality, 100% wool for durability and structure but it would be interesting to see how they look in softer yarns. When worn, the pretty leaves ‘unfurl’ and show themselves in their full glory. Suitable for intermediate knitters or confident beginners who have some experience in working in the round, either on circular needles or dpn’s and of the Magic Loop method. Please see the Ravelry post for more details.

Shown with brim down as a slouchy, looks equally as good with brim folded for a more classic fit.
Shown with brim down as a slouchy, looks equally as good with brim folded for a more classic fit.

It occurs to me that I could have just put this as an Autumn offer without the background info but I think it matters to show how important your support is to me at a grass roots level, and, I’m sure, to many, many other artisans and independent designers. Money is a yucky subject, it somehow taints this wonderful fantasy we have of producing beautiful things solely from love and unicorn wishes, but we are all grown-ups (well, almost!) and the reality in being a designer is hard work, low pay and often times, a good pinch of being pretty lonely and isolated. Every comment, like and sale I ever receive always matters… really matters, and makes everything worthwhile. Thank you. And do please forgive the use of the nasty ‘M’ word, I shall go and wash my mouth out with soap immediately …

PS: If you are not a knitter (and why not may I ask?) 🙂 The very subtle (not!) donation button at the top of the page is fun to press, every penny/dollar/yen, is received with a big smile of gratitude … ❤ x


10 thoughts on “Filthy Lucre …

  1. On it’s way hun…it’s always good to face a challenge but if you just take a stitch at a time you’ll be tickity boo lol. Always happy to offer pattern support if needed… happy knitting 😀


    1. Bless you hunny…always love the thought of moving but the reality is just too much like hard work, lol. The pattern itself is not difficult, only knits, purls, basic increases/decreases (all explained in detail in pattern) but you do need to be familiar with knitting in the round. The only mildly ‘fiddly’ bit is picking up for the thumbs. Will forward you an invoice as requested…Thank you. Very best of luck with the move, I hope your new home is a very happy one… 🙂 x

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