Quilt-Inspired Knitting

Was in the middle of writing a post on ‘quilt inspiration’ when I stumbled across this…seemed churlish not to share an excellent and comprehensive piece instead…lol …Enjoy x

The Sweaty Knitter, Weaver and Devotee of Other Fiber Arts

As the granny square blanket I crocheted for Granddaughter F caused havoc in my right wrist, I waffled between weaving or knitting an afghan for Grandson O.  I settled on knitting and started looking for ideas.  I found them in Coburg, Oregon!

Yesterday my friend Joni (a quilter), invited me along to attend the annual Coburg Quilt Show.  The quilts were gorgeous and inspiring to Quilt3a  knitter looking for afghan ideas!  Take a peek at some of the beauties (in no particular order) on display!

Quilt12Quilt4Quilt2Quilt1     Quilt6  Quilt8Quilt5    Quilt9

Knitters and crocheters can be inspired by the art of quilters.

miteredsquarepatternQuilt10This lovely mitered square blanket on the left was knit by Sue Anne Kendall.  (For those new to making mitered squares, check out her blog, Suna Knits, where she shares her method.)  Given a border, it would resemble this quilt Joni and I saw at the…

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