Rink-a-tink-tink & a touch of Pink …


Word to the wise, never try to design a lace pattern whilst nursing a hay fever induced migraine! Oh, and lifelines are a pretty nifty idea too..lol.

Suffice to say that I did try to design under these conditions, I didn’t pop in a life-line and ended up spending three days tinking back 5 inches of up to 300 stitches per row. All for the want of one missed yarn over and an antihistamine blurred inability to spot my central spine of ‘tethered boats’ were decidedly skewiff…Oh well. live and learn (she says!)

Progress has been made though and I am now back on track, still umming over the border that is to be added but still really happy with the yarn choice, the bigger it gets the nicer the drape, which is always pleasing.

Growing Again …

Meanwhile, when I was beginning to go cross-eyed at the tinking saga, I decided to utilise other creative muscles by making a start on hooking a baby blankie for my first grandchild, due at the end of September. I was delighted to discover that they are expecting a little girl so of course the urge to break out the pink (in a non-conformist or sexist way obviously) was too strong to resist! …Personally, I don’t think it matters a jot what colour anyone wears in the same way I don’t think it matters who anyone loves or lives with, as long as they are happy and not naked in public, lol.


I chose this beautiful shell design which is a free pattern found on Ravelry. Love the ease of this pattern, it works up really quickly and is simple to remember, so a great project for working on in front of the TV or when out and about. Also a lovely way to use up all those pretty odds and ends none of us can bear to part with. There are a couple of knitted blankets that have caught my eye and, time willing, they should be appearing here too…can’t believe it is almost July already, thought I had ages before the arrival, now 12 weeks seems like no time at all! So on that note, I’d better step away from the keyboard and get cracking.

More progress reports soon lovelies, until then…Happy Yarning. ❤ x

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