Many of my pattern designs are influenced by the lovely island where I live, by the landscape of fields and flora, trees and wildlife and in particular by the sea. Asherah is no exception. The name derives from Eastern Mythology and translates as ‘she who walks in the sea’. Sometimes choosing a name for a piece can be as difficult as the designing itself, but on this occasion the title almost suggested itself.

Asherah is the first of the six shawl designs detailed in my last post and this is the progress thus far…


Worked from the bottom up, the finished design will be a softly draping triangular shape with a lacy border to be added on separately (which is still languishing in the ‘mulling over’ stage!). The  main body of the shawl consists of a central spine of linked diamond shapes, reminiscent of little tethered boats. These vessels are being lapped by soft curving waves that meander rhythmically about them. The Rowan Summerlite cotton is working up beautifully, very soft and with just the right amount of drape which is assisted by the use of a very slightly larger than recommended needle size, unlike some cotton yarns, it doesn’t split and I am really looking forward to seeing how it blocks. (I can see this yarn becoming a favourite for baby clothes too!)

So, there we go, the collection is off the starting blocks, but still firmly on the needles! Better get back to it if I want that to change soon … loving that my mojo is buzzing again, there is nothing better than seeing a tentative scribble on scrap paper coming to life in your hands….. happy happy!

Hope you like her so far… ❤ …

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