Missing in Action …


Well my lovelies, I knew that embarking on Spring-cleaning was a terrible idea! Just a couple of days into it I awoke with an awful head cold; streaming nose and stuffed sinuses … ‘Just a 24 hour jobby’ I reckoned as I plugged the old hooter with tissue and continued rummaging through drawers and bags. I then decided to block the knitted wrap I had recently finished designing and as I bent over to straighten a couple of pins, the room decided to do the Riverdance all around me, it wasn’t just spinning but literally leaping up and down! Managed to just about complete the blocking up (priorities dontchaknow … lol), before crawling back into my bed…where I stayed for the next 3 weeks!

The ’24hr cold’ morphed rapidly into a severe chest infection and then developed into pneumonia … as someone who has M.E/Fibromyalgia/Osteoarthritis/GERD & GAD (naming just a few!) to say I felt more sick than I’ve ever felt before is a huge understatement … numerous doctor visits and two courses of antibiotics later (thank you marvellous NHS), I began to feel a tad better, at least the 103 degree fever abated and I could bear to eat a little. Days passed in a bit of a blur, slept when the coughing allowed and drank so much water and hot lemon with honey that my poor tummy audibly sloshed ….

After 5 weeks the weakness is still hanging on by it’s fingertips and although I thought the cough had buggered off, today it has come back with a vengeance and is driving me potty … hoping it is hay fever this time around but doctors again Tuesday just to be sure!

Anywhoo, that’s my, pretty valid I hope you agree, reason for my absence from the world known as Social Media. Even had a message from Facebook saying that my 8,600 followers were wondering what had happened to me, which is blatantly untrue but hilarious. Just in case, one or two of you might have been a teensy bit concerned, I wanted to say ‘Hi’ and warn you that I am hopefully on the mend and will be popping up in your newsfeeds very soon … In the meantime I thought I’d show my latest design which came to no harm by being left on the blocking board for so long!

Evensong Wrap

It is called Evensong and is a soft lacy wrap which can also be worn as a long elegant scarf. I chose beautiful autumnal shades but can envisage it in silky pale shades of ivory, cream or whites for a summer bride or richer shades of any hue for a gorgeous fashion statement. Those deep scalloped edges would be fabulous in a special hand painted yarn such as Koigu Painter’s Palette or Rowan Fine Art Yarn (Speaking of Rowan I hope to have some exciting news concerning this great British brand very soon!). The Evensong Knitting Pattern  is Available to Purchase Here.

I hope you like it…

Although aimed at the intermediate knitter it is however a great project for a confident beginner who would like to tackle lace as the construction has no seaming or shaping to contend with and has a nice rhythmic pace that becomes fairly simple to remember once established. Any mistakes are simple to spot quickly as you work and easy to rectify by tinking back, (you can guess how I know that … lol).

So, fingers crossed my resurrected cough is nothing sinister and I shall be bombarding you with yarny postings again very soon … Happy Knitting Peeps x

PS: A very special thank you and love to my family, who despite living away, were a truly great support (once I got around to telling them I was ill … got told off for that one .. lol) xxx



4 thoughts on “Missing in Action …

  1. So glad you haven’t lost your pawky wit as we say here in bonnie Scotland😉. Wishing you a full and speedy recovery (and return to normal-whatever that is lol!) Awrabest! 💐 x

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