Needs MUST …


Hello Lovelies…Life has taken a sharp turn beyond my control in recent months and no matter how I try I just cannot keep my head above water for very long, and this month I am in very real danger of drowning. So, much so that  to my chagrin, I have had to resort to adding a ‘donation’ button to my little blog. Many bloggers have one and I was so determined not to join them, but sadly…needs must! So, here comes the hard bit … if you like my musings & are feeling cuddly, please click on the ugly yellow button to your right and give a little love ❤ … anything is truly appreciated. Whether you send a tiny tap on my shoulder or a great big bear hug… Bless you and thank you!!!!!

Autumn Berries
Autumn Berries

As a further thank you, do check out my Ravelry patterns Here.

I have set up a promotional code: APRIL SHOWERS.

This enables you to get one pattern free with every pattern purchased. Just pop both (or more) patterns into your basket, add the code when prompted and your cheapest pattern(s) will be free. Use as many times as you like up to midnight(GMT) on the 19th of April 2015.

If you prefer to offer your support in a more tangible fashion, then please check out my wares Here. Examples of over 60 original designs can be seen below….

(I can never be accused of not trying) 😀 x

Cityscape ... White
Cityscape … White
Butterfly Dance
Butterfly Dance
Cityscape Pillow ..
London Glory ...
London Glory …

Thank you again… I really do appreciate that many others are treading water too and I send you all my love and blessings … Now where did I put my water-wings? 😉 xx

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