Let’s All Meet Up in The Year 3,000 …


1551652_10152788678118700_1060774907794562520_nObviously the title of this post is not remotely a possibility but how marvelous to live as though it were…

It goes without saying that life is too short, we just about find our feet, cram our heads with useful knowledge, build a home, a family, a career, we even begin to quite like ourselves when WHOOSH! Our own personal Inspector comes along, clips our one-way ticket and unceremoniously kicks us off the train.

But let’s not think of that, let’s immerse ourselves in the fluffy daydream of ‘forever’. (I am a strong believer in daydreams, they stroll hand in hand with my best friend… procrastination.)

In our ‘forever world’, we can visit every place on the planet we have always wanted to see, we can try all the menus we’ve always wanted to eat, we can experience all the adventures we’ve always wanted to try & …

We can knit and crochet every pattern we’ve ever downloaded and use up every gorgeous ball of yarn we’ve ever stashed! (Oh, come on, surely you knew I had an ulterior motive!… lol).

Of course, all artists and  crafters know that we live forever anyway, through the stitches (or brushstrokes, musical scores, words) that we leave behind. Each one a reminder that we loved and laughed and were HERE. Even once the items unravel or fade, there existence remains in peoples memories, in anecdotes, in family photographs…

So, until some clever scientist comes up with a way to extend our lives an extra 2,000 years (stopping the aging process at 35 obviously!) we will have to content ourselves with the beautiful life we have … if you forego a few  adventures for your love of yarn, good for you, if you opt for climbing mountains then I salute you too…

Whichever you choose, I wish you joy and the hope that 2015 ‘feels’ like it goes on forever, in every good way imaginable …



For the love & support already shown towards my little fledgling of a blog… thank-you-smallpreview-f


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