Thursday’s Theme … (2)

Free Pattern
Free Pattern HERE

Theme One (Part 2)

Baby Blankets: continued

In Part One, we discovered the basics of calculating the size and yardage requirements of our blankets. Today’s topic culminates in the fun part … stitch & colour choices.

Firstly, a useful table for modular designs (Squares!) … both crocheted and knitting. 


                                     COT/CRIB      RECEIVING      CAR SEAT

                                   (36 x 52 ins)       (36 x 36 ins)      (24 x 20 ins)                         

Size of Square              Number of Squares required

6 inches                   54 squares          36 squares         12 squares

4 inches                   117 squares         81 squares          30 squares

3 inches                    204 squares        144 squares        56 squares

The table gives calculations for the three most commonly used sized squares and the total measurements are as close as possible to the recommended sizes. Any added border will increase these measurements, but as mentioned in Part One, these are just a guide.

Stitch Designs & Inspiration

Knitting: Some of the nicest baby blankets, IMHO, are the simplest. Blocks or stripes of squidgy garter stitch, in different colours, being the simplest of all. Up the anti by using seed or moss stitch or alternate garter and moss and you are already starting to design and make something unique. Vary the width of your coloured or textured stripes, add a border and you can see how, once you have your size guides, that even beginners can produce a really beautiful blanket. For the more experienced, throw in some cables or a few bobbles and the sky is (almost) the limit.

I say ‘almost’, because not ALL stitch designs are suitable. There are many, many lacy patterns available, and as gorgeous as these may be, I personally think that some of the larger motifs should only be used for special occasions. Little fingers and toes can easily get caught and twisted in these large designs. There are hundreds of ‘small’ lace patterns so if you want an airier feel, especially in the warmer months, there is still plenty of choice.

A great resource for patterns can be found at The Knitting Fool and are arranged into different categories. Don’t forget to factor in the stitch count of your chosen design into your total cast on.

Here is just a small selection that would work well.

Parquet 1 Stitch
Daisy Stitch
Squared Check

















Crochet: Many designs of beautiful crocheted squares are available. Finding the one you want, however can be a bit of a minefield. I suggest Pinterest as a good starting point. There is also an album of 100 squares available on my Facebook Business page HERE.

Here are some examples from my Album:


And we haven’t even touched on hexagons, circles or adding appliques …



Colour Choices

No longer is it considered a given that blue is for a boy and pink for a girl. Likewise, not all new mums want to wrap their babes in traditional pastels or white. Indeed, any of the newer, ‘fashionable’ tones are far more practical. Therefore, pretty much anything goes for a solid design. Try a lovely deep red or mauve, autumnal tones of russet and gold or different shades of green. All pretty & unisex.

I would however avoid black, just a little too sombre.

The colour choices only become difficult when it comes to combining them. We all probably learnt the colour wheel at school and the rules still apply.

Complimentary Colours       Harmonious Colours


Triadic Colours                      Split Complementary Colours


Rectangle Colours                         Square Colours


Read about all these Colour Schemes in depth HERE

And of course there are the NO RULES rules… you like two (or more) colours so go ahead and try them! Look to nature, is that Parakeet gaudy or beautiful? Does the garden filled with a myriad shades of greens jar your eye or make you smile? Do you love the flower beds with clashing pinks, yellows and oranges or do you prefer the lilacs, creams and silver foliage? Go with what brings you joy and you’ll be bound to make something stunning.

Most of all, of course, each and every stitch is made with love and it is a very lucky baby indeed that is kept warm by that !

Do let me know if you found any of this useful… 😀

Happy Yarning … & … A Very Merry Christmas x





Colour Wheels courtesy of




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