Let’s Play Tag…

0 Over the years I have been a great recycler of old greetings cards to make my gift tags. However, these days the cards are thinner on the ground as more and more people have turned to sending their seasons wishes via the internet, (And those few I do receive are from the special folk in my life and warrant keeping, at least for a while). The ‘air-wave’ trend is a great way of saving postage but not so good for ‘make-do and menders’. In reality, tags can be bought at ridiculously cheap (or expensive) prices. The cheap ones never appeal to me and the expensive are, in my opinion, a waste of money for something that ends up in a bin. However, I do love to see a prettily wrapped gift.gift b

I tend to favour the simpler, less ‘frou-frou’ kind of gift wrapping and like my tags to have a modern edge, not twee or too traditional and favour bolder colours that contrast beautifully with pale wrapping and organza ribbons. These, typically tend to come under the ‘expensive’ category. So, this year, I thought I would design my own. After a few hours of enjoyable twiddling, these are the results … drawing-2 Please feel free to download the Tags pdf if you like them. I would recommend printing out on a good quality card stock and popping a reinforcing ring around the punched hole for a professional finishing touch.

Happy Wrapping …

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