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After failing to find a suitably stylish gift for a fellow knitting friend, (She has enough yarn & patterns to stock a department store), I did what I usually do in these situations … designed my own.  🙂

Happily she loved her ‘Yarn Diva’ T-Shirt with it’s glittery pink letters added for a bit of glam, and so did all the other members of her knitting group. Obviously, the next step was to design more stock and organise a shop, so I did … lol.

Whilst I am on a very go-slow with my own yarning at the moment due to my poorly shoulder, it seemed the perfect time to introduce my new goodies. So if you are looking for that woolly related gift for someone special or just want to treat yourself… you can find lots of ideas in my new store … Here.

Just a taster to whet your appetite, (68 items available so far, more being added weekly).

Do pop over for a browse. Designs available in lots of styles, colours and sizes. I have items suitable for men, babies and kiddies too. All excellent quality.
spreadshirt-guarantee     Happy Shopping…

Free delivery on orders over £25

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