Baby It’s Cold Outside …


Barely making a living from my passion of all things woolly so my budget is extremely limited, (for now at least; I have always been the epitome of eternal optimism!) …  Add to this my rather skewed sense of priority (yarn or heating?… No brainer, obviously!) and you will fully understand my next statement….

Whoever invented the Hot Water Bottle was a flipping  Genius!!

As I type, a freezing wind is blowing a gale outside. The ill fitting wooden windows are whistling so loudly it sounds like Roger Whittaker is in the room, (no double glazing permitted as it’s a listed Georgian building), then factor in that my flat is cavernous, four floors up and built overlooking the sea; to say it’s a tad chilly is a slight understatement…

Like many single women, getting warm in bed is a priority. I certainly miss the radiating heat my late fiance used to omit and no myopic chap has stumbled over my ample form of late with a hot offer… 2015’s resolution sorted! (The lessening of the ‘ampleness’ not tripping up men with poor eyesight!)

Thick, woolly socks, fingerless mitts and a cosy cowl, all hand knitted of course, go some way to keeping the chills at bay. But definitely top of my ‘stopping me from freezing to death in my sleep’ list are my ‘Hotties’. At present I have three of the lovely things…one gets tucked down to the bottom of the bed to keep my toes toasty, another presses against the aforementioned ample belly and the third slips into the deep pocket of my dressing gown, getting swapped from side to side dependent on the direction I’m laying. (Just occurred to me that my winter bedtime look may not be very helpful in attracting a chap to share it

Had planned to knit or crochet new soft covers for them this year. But yet another tick box unticked … Scuppered again by this darn frozen shoulder. Resorted instead to my usual oohing and drooling over the myriad of patterns out there, just taunting me with their prettiness.

Knowing me, I’ll most likely end up designing my own but until then, a fluffy pile of inspiration is a wondrous thing …

hot water bottle cover You can’t beat a pretty cable and the squidginess of them certainly wins insulating and comfort points. This lovely example is designed by Helen Limbrick and the pattern is available for free here.

The simplicity of these classic designs have great appeal, and I love the idea of the tubular pocket to slip chilly fingers into. Designed by Elly Fales and the pattern can be purchased here.


A fabulous design by Tracy Harrison, great for chaps too. Purchase the pattern here. Check out her other designs whilst you’re there…


A pretty choice for crochet fans, pattern designed by Sofie Kay and here to buy.

And these designs by Amy Molnar are definitely lovely enough to be  great gift ideas…Free pattern too. Herehot

Of course, these choices are just a teeny weeny drop in the ocean of woolly covers available but I hope it has tempted you to beautify the Hottie in your life. And if you are fortunate enough to have a chap or chapess to warm the sheets, make the most of them … 🙂

Dream Warmly…

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