Fluff on the Brain? …


I’m plagued with a very painful arm and shoulder at the moment, so the needles and hook have been  forlornly abandoned. The frustration is palpable as I have a very tight-scheduled list, screaming at me through the pages of my notebook… ‘Make me, make me, make me!!’

To try and allay the piercing voice a tad, a gentle stroll through ‘Universe Pinterest’ seemed in order.

I began by browsing beautiful patterns and drooled over the gorgeous lacework, the chunky knits, the adorable childrenswear… I coveted the stunning granny squares and the fabulous free-form work, reminiscent of sculpture, I sighed at the sight of inspiring colour combinations and textures… all the while trying to ignore my itching, twitching digits. Torture!

Quickly, I turned my attention to the humourous illustrations, ditties, and one-liners that abound about almost any subject you can imagine, to try and occupy my mind with other things…And of course, I landed in a whole fluffy pile of them about the fibre arts.

Giving in, with a sigh, my eyes scanned over the pins. Many are pretty lame to be truthful, and were read and instantly forgotten. Some raised a wry smile and a few others made me laugh out loud, even if I really didn’t want to….

To my chagrin, a constant theme of these japes, appeared to be the mental well-being (or lack there of), of ‘Yarn Lovers’…

Apparently we are all MAD. MAD I TELL YOU!! … How Very Dare They?

via thinng.com

According to the authors of all this ‘funny’ stuff: We have a house full of cats (and no man), we amass enough yarn to sink a large bungalow and if something stays still for more than 10 minutes it will definitely not escape without a knitted/crocheted coat or hat.

Further more, we are depicted thus:

Our hair is pinned up with a crochet hook or dpn, (OK, guilty on this one, it gets in my eyes and I can never find a scrunchy…keep meaning to knit some!).

We stay up all night and only sleep when the eyelids really wont stay open any more, (maybe this one too…it’s easier to count stitches when it’s quiet!).

We wont use a favourite ball of yarn but would rather sit and stroke it’s yummy softness instead (alright,  I don’t actually have a cat!…)

They even intimate that our emotions and moods are totally ‘tied up’ with how well the yarning is going…

I mean, how silly is that?

Via MaybeMatida.Com
Via MaybeMatida.Com

There are even comparisons drawn between us and drug users … has something to do with the prolific talk about our stash apparently.

Well, after all this, ‘mildly insulting’ jollity, I shall go and chuck some painkillers down my neck, dig a hook from my tresses and grit my teeth whilst I keep crocheting those ‘oh so essential’ pine-cones for the Christmas tree. Then I may just follow the final images advice and prove all the stereotypes wrong!

You are all very welcome to join me…..76879ceec3b855d687353e2b76c74551


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