Sort Yourself Out Girl! …


OK,I admit it, I spend way too many hours just drooling over pretty stuff. Pinterest being my worse addiction. ribbon pegs It brings out the Magpie in me, all those textures and colours, all those beautifully gorgeous hand dyed yarns and sparkling buttons. How many times have I coveted those stacked reels of silk ribbon or fawned over intricately embroidered pincushions and needle-felted mice?

Far too often…hours and hours and hours too often. My knitting needles sit idle in my hands as I salivate over the finished items that other, far more disciplined makers have achieved. My crochet hook does it’s duty as a pin for my unruly hair, keeping it out of my eyes so I can stare at fabulous crochet patterns designed by my ‘competition’.

Today is typical … I am in the throws of designing/making a ‘Russian’ hat that has been requested by my youngest son for Christmas. Originally planned to buy a pattern but couldn’t find one I liked (another day that was spent happily searching!) Needed to check commercially made ones for positioning of the ear-flaps. Sooo, at 8am this morning, I fired up the old lap-top and browsed a few clothes shops. By 8.15 am, required info found.

THEN…I made the fatal mistake of ‘having a quick peek’ at hats on Pinterest. Aaaaargh….it is now nearly 1pm, I haven’t knitted a stitch, eaten breakfast (or lunch), showered or cleaned my teeth. So Ashamed!!!! (well, not really, just felt like being dramatic!.. lol)

As I was glamorously  ‘perusing’ in my PJ’s with my crochet hooked up hair and rumbling tum, I happened across this and thought it might bring a smile to all you lovely obsessives who understand my pain 🙂 Enjoy…..


3 thoughts on “Sort Yourself Out Girl! …

    1. Can’t blame ADHD in my case, definite OCD and Procrastinatitis..fab combo to have, means I spend an absolute age getting round to ‘doing’, and then even more time faffing about with what took me an age to do! lol. Whatever your method is, it is certainly working.. 😀

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