Meandering Mind…

Illustration by Michal Andrysiak
Illustration by Michal Andrysiak

When I am happily working away at a project I often find my mind wandering to other things … Cake seems to be a common theme! I have read that authors, when busily engrossed in writing a book, get their best ideas for the next and wondered if other yarners experience the same. Take, for instance, the granny square blanket which is my ‘big’ project of the moment. (Poor picture taken at 5 am on phone!) 00 Whilst beavering away (and listening to the obligatory Radio 4 of course), I suddenly had the desire to make an owl! I Have no idea why, I don’t collect owls, I think the amigurumi world is saturated with owls and I get the feeling that owls are quickly being replaced by other trends … hedge-hogs seem to be flavour of the month as far as I can tell. But I didn’t have the thought of a hedge-hog pervading my limited brain … it was definitely an owl!! Christmas, as you don’t really need reminding (sorry!) is rapidly chasing us down and any sensible person would be concentrating on making some kind of dent into their ‘list’. Or … finish the project at hand, which really needs to be listed in their Etsy store and sold to help fund the yarns needed to start the denting… But, sensible (like normal) is vastly over-rated, lol… So, please, say hello to Otto! 🙂                                                                                                                                                                                                        OttoOtto

Turned out to be a rather studious little fellow. He is turquoise blue (obviously, what other colour would I choose for an owl?) and wears his pince-nez in a way that would make Poirot proud. Wrapped up in a soft scarf and jaunty titfer, Otto is a very cosy little owl indeed.

I loved making him, his big fat felt feet give me a particular sense of joy and I gave him a fan-tail (as real owls do have but are rarely seen on woolly ones) which means he stands sturdily… All 7.5 inches of him.Otto feet

Now I have dealt with the ‘owl itch’, I must get back to the granny squares … do I continue adding squares or should I do a deep stripy border? Will I ever get to my Christmas list or should I just immerse myself in battenburg?

Battenberg Cake Watch this Space … 😀

Please tell me I’m not the only one who’s mind meanders … ♥

PS: If you’d like to offer Otto a home, find him here.

Recipe for Battenberg cake here

4 thoughts on “Meandering Mind…

  1. Until today I didn’t like Amigurimi… but know I saw your cute owl – love it, so cute!
    A time ago I collected owls (pictures, owl out of every material, poems…) but I gave it up.
    Do you know this?

    an old owl sat on an oak
    the more it heard the less it spoke
    the less it spoke the more it heard
    why can’t we be like this old bird

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  2. Love your new blog. I get my best ideas when I’m silent and my hands are moving. Also in the shower….Hmmm running water? Why doesn’t that happen when I’m doing dishes 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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