Super Granny….

image via Carrie Glasgow on PinterestI imagine that the majority of us cut our crocheting teeth on the wondrous granny square. As my previous post explains, my first foray into this craft was the humble poncho, made entirely of big fat double-crochet stitches.

After a break from all things woolly, during my ‘wild’ teenage years; I returned to the hook and string (and knitting too) when I discovered the happy ‘surprise’ of falling for my first son at the age of eighteen.

Baby blankets and matinee jackets were desperately required. My mother leant a hand with the bootees and bonnets (no Baby Gap in those days!) and I concentrated my efforts on amassing squares to swaddle my little one and line the beautiful Moses basket I’d managed to save for. (Morning sickness and sorting rotting cabbages on ‘The Land’ wasn’t the best choice I’ve ever made, but I SO wanted that basket!)

Many joyful hours were spent making those squares. Nothing fancy. Just plain blocks of pale lemon and white from a pattern book I’d borrowed from the library. The vast resource of the internet was over twenty years away then … such different times.  He was to be an August baby (in both senses of the word) and it was a sweltering Summer, but those little squares were doable as I sat in the shadow of my parents garden shed with my bottle of pink lemonade and watched my darling little sister play. It never fails to amaze me at how many good memories are literally tied up with wool.

As the years passed, I continued my love affair with yarning. Another son at tutorialtwenty two, ensured the granny square proved it’s worth once again. This time, practice and experience ensured fancier colour changes and patterns. Triangles and hexagons were soon mastered and cushions and bedspreads followed.

To this day, I adore the Granny Square. They have enjoyed a real resurgence in popularity of late, from Hippy Chic to, subtle, Minimalist one colour designs, they seem to be everywhere and I couldn’t be more delighted. When it came to choosing the Header image for this blog, only Grannies would do and I selected a progress picture of the large afghan I made as a Christmas gift, for my youngest and his wife last year.

Now the online world is jam packed with beautifully intricate designs and I would have to live at least a thousand years to try them all, but I’ll give it a jolly good try…

Meanwhile, guess what my latest project is?…Yup, an afghan made of Granny Squares! Wightstitches Granny Blanket

Plain, non-fancy, join as you go, good old basic, 3 inch Granny Squares. This will be listed in my Etsy Store, (Hopefully! …  the last two I made didn’t get that far before being ‘adopted’).

It is such a joy to work on, totally random, so no laborious planning beforehand, just ‘pick up and go’.  Size will be determined by the yarn I have. It may be child sized or a lapghan, for which I estimate another 99 squares needed or it may grow like Topsy and cover a single bed … part of the fun is not knowing.

Whatever it becomes, it is making me happy… and that’s the job of all Grannies, isn’t it?…

Loved searching through some of the fabulous Granny Square patterns available, but jolly difficult choosing favourites. Here is just a tiny selection that you might like to add to your library. Also, if you check out my Facebook page, here, you will find an album of another 100 free squares to drool over…

Great tutorial for this beautiful square, here.



Margaret MacInnis
Cats Claw Square by Margaret MacInnnis. Free pattern here.




Amelia Beebe
Yarn Clouds Square by Amelia Beebe. Free pattern here.



Granny Blankets


Happy Yarning ….

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