Island Living…

Welcome to my first EVER blog!

To start my journey I thought it would be fun to take you along on a metaphorical little trip too, by introducing you to the beautiful island that I am lucky enough to call home…


The Isle of Wight.

The isle of Wight is a small, diamond shaped isle that is separated from the south coast of the UK by a stretch of sea called the Solent. The mainland is just  5 miles away at most and it only takes a couple of hours to travel in to London. However, especially when the sea mists are at their thickest, it seems as though we are on a different planet.

Compton beach
Compton Bay
The Needles
The Needles  (Fab place name for a knitter!)

The Island has many ‘claims to fame’…Such as the UK’s Oldest Surviving Wooden Pier and the Oldest Carnival, both of which are in Ryde where I live.

It is known as ‘The Dinosaur Capital’ of Great Britain too because of the abundance of fossils and just over half of the island has been designated as being ‘Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty’.

Compton Chine

Its beaches aren’t bad either….

Other notable facts:

  • It is only 24 miles wide
  • The first ever Hovercraft was built here
  • The World’s only remaining passenger Hovercraft still operates between Southsea and the island daily
  • Queen Victoria had a residence here called Osborne House, which is now open to the public and during her reign the island attracted many well known residents and visitors, amongst them, Lord Tennyson, The poet Swinburne and Charles Dickens
  • Marconi set up the World’s first ever Radio Station here in 1897
  • It is the location of many music festivals, including Bestival and Rythmntree and the revived Isle of Wight Festival, which in 1970 was the largest festival ever held.
  • It is one of the last remaining places in Britain where Red Squirrels thrive and they are protected from invasion by their grey cousins
  • Fabulous events take place throughout the year… as well as the festivals, there is Walk the Wight, Cowes Week, Around the Island Yacht Race, August Bank Holiday Bikers weekend and many, many others.
  • The rare Fritillary Butterfly breeds along the cliff edges and various endangered bats make their homes here too..
  • There are many pockets of micro-climate and we enjoy more sunshine hours than Northern Spain.0000

Osborne House

Other well known Island residents (past & present) include:

Jeremy Irons (actor) Born here.

Sheila Hancock (Actress) Born here.

Julia Margaret Cameron (Portrait and creative photographer) Lived at Dimbola Lodge which is now a museum dedicated to her work.

Bear Gryles (survival expert/tv presenter) Born here.

Marius Goring (actor) Born here.

David Ike (presenter/conspiracy theorist) lives in Ryde.

David Niven (actor) Born here

Anthony Minghella ( Academy Award–winning film director, playwright and screenwriter) Born here.

Phil Jupitus (comedian) Born here.  And the list goes on……..

If I have peaked your interest, find lots more here … 000:

So, there we go… one blog blogged.. 😀

 I wont promise how often I’ll blog but I do promise that the next one will definitely have a much yarnier flavour!

Keep Clicking those hooks and needles lovelies,  and wherever in this wonderful world you happen to live… be happy x

Fritillary Butterfly
Fritillary Butterfly

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