That Was The Year That Was …

Well 2015 came and then quickly went again, or at least It felt that way. It was a year, like most years before it, of ups and downs and swathes of ‘ordinary’ bits in between.

A whole new bunch of patterns were designed and launched.

blog 1

blog 2

And many other lovely things were knitted …and crocheted.

blog 3

I tentatively dipped my toes into the world of podcasting … (the first couple of episodes were a tad disastrous but I’m glad I persevered as I really enjoy it now) … Ideas were thought up, mulled over and long lists were made of plans and aims for next year …

But the most important and precious event was the arrival of beautiful Ellie, my first grand child. Now three months old and blossoming.xmas 2015

So as we bid 2015 farewell, I really wanted to give thanks …

thank-you (1)


to you all for your wonderful support over the last twelve months, for enduring my ramblings on here and on my vlog. Thank you to all those who purchased my patterns and especially those who came back for more, thus allowing me to continue doing what I most love. Thank you for every comment and ‘like’ on my facebook business page and on my Instagram images and for following me there and on Twitter too. And of course, thank you to my family, for their love and support throughout the ‘downs’ of 2015 and, especially, a humongous thank you for the gorgeousness and light that is Ellie.

Here is to a wonderfully happy, healthy and peaceful 2016 to everyone all over the world … let’s make it a good one folks.

❤ xxxx


Podcast Episode 6

I Hope you are all having a truly fabulous and meaningful Christmastime .. much love to you all … ❤ christmas b

Here you will find all the show-notes and links for items mentioned in the latest podcast. (Episode 6).

Christmas Stocking for Ellie:

Toe up construction,worked in the round with DK/Light Worsted yarn on size 4.00 mm needles. Rowan Pure New Wool in Avocado, Kiss and Snow. CAM02438

Using Jeny’s Magic Cast On, cast on 20 stitches, 10 on each needle. Increase, using K1fb’s as you would for a normal sock toe until you have the desired width. Continue to knit straight, in the round, using your chosen fair-isle or intarsia patterns until the foot measures approximately 4.5 inches from the cast on. Knit across half of the stitches with waste yarn in a contrast colour, (this will be where you place your afterthought heel), then slip the stitches back to the start of your needle and continue working the leg of the stocking in the same way as the foot until you are happy with the length and add a few rows of ribbing in your chosen design. I used K1, P1 single rib. Add your heel.  I worked my heel by working alternate stitches in red and green, but it would look good plain too. Decorate as required…I added pom-poms on skinny knitted icords, tied into a bow, a slightly thicker short icord sewn to the inner back to form a loop for hanging and then hand embroidered her name in a darker green which I embellished with red and green stitches on top, to resemble candy canes.

Afghans were both worked using 4.50 mm crochet hook and a mixture of Aran/Worsted and DK yarns. Granny square blanket was made using a join as you go method.

Naughty Reindeer Chart by Anne Rutten. Yarns used: Patons Baby Smiles 4ply in Camel and Drops Fabel, Uni Colour.

Baa-ble Hat by Donna Smith. Susan B Anderson’s modifications. Yarns used: Stylecraft Special Aran in White, Silver and Raspberry.

Own ‘Designed’ Cowl. Yarn used: Drops Big Fabel Print in Pink, Yellow, Green Colourway.


Featured Designer: Pat Alinejad of Huggable Bears.

image belongs to Pat Alinejad

Featured Blogger: Kristina of Decorartuk

LUA Pouches/Purses/Bags.

Wightstitches Podcast Group on Ravelry. Join Here.

Nattering Knitters Group on Facebook.

NB: Yarn images credited to Love Knitting 

Podcast Episode 5…Show notes

Here are all the show notes and links that tie in with Episode 5 of the Wightstitches Podcast. 😀

Vectis Facts Source.

Roman Villa, Brading, Isle of Wight.

Carisbrooke Castle and Carisbrooke Castle Museum.

Artists Impression of how Carisbrooke Castle once looked.
…  And how the castle looks today.
Close up of the coach house leading to the castle.
Carisbrooke Scarf Knitting Pattern inspired by the portcullis and stonework of the castle.
Exquisite tesserae tiling excavated at the Brading Roman Villa.
rading 2
Inside the exhibition centre that covers the excavated villa.


Brading Cowl Knitting Pattern inspired by the Roman Villa.
Springle Ring Knitting Pattern/Draw Prize.
PicMonkey Collage needles
The Needles, Alum Bay.

Featured Designer: Dedri Uys/Barberton Daisy on Ravelry.

Sophie_s_Garden_Photo_Tutorial_medium2 B;OG
Sophie’s Garden Crochet Pattern.
Lydia Crochet Pattern.

Look at What I Made Blog.

AndreSueKnits Podcast.

BrownieKnits Podcast.

Come Knit With Us Podcast, (Wrongly called ‘Let’s Knit Together’ Ooops!).

Mittens Knitting Patterns and the start of Ellie’s Stocking…


Thank you for Watching … ❤ x

BOGSF …(buy one get Springle free) …

Hello my lovelies …

How would you like to win my ‘Springle Ring’ Shawlette? You would? Then read on …. 😀

Springle Ring

This warm and cosy and decidedly glamorous piece has been designed and hand knitted by my own two fair hands using almost 100 grams of beautiful Rowan Haze Stripe in Lush colour-way. It is as light as a feather and as soft as a cloud and would make a beautiful gift for someone special.

I thought it would be nice to combine a treat for all of you wonderful folk who have given me your support over the last 12 months and also help give a small boost to my pattern sales to raise some much needed funds towards the (exciting) expansion of my little business … then I can bring you more lovely things … and so on it goes. ❤

RULES: (Sorry, unavoidable) .. To enter, please purchase a minimum of one pdf pattern from my Craftsy Store. Only one entry per person and they must be over 18 yrs. Closing date is Midnight (GMT) Saturday, 5th of December. All countries are welcome to participate. (I cannot guarantee delivery of the first prize by Christmas). No postage costs will be incurred by winners. Winners will be drawn by random selection and published on this blog.

Any questions MUST be written in the comment section at the end of this post on this website … NOT on facebook. Thank you.

Little Extra … Five other entrants will receive a pdf copy of the Springle Ring Pattern. (Or, if already purchased, another Wightstitches pattern of their choice).

Do let me know how you feel about this kind of contest. This may be a one-off but I am trying to do all I can to avoid plastering adverts all over my pretty pages .. lol



Happy Making … good luck.. x


Shoe-La-La …

Alexander McQueen
Alexander McQueen

Today, whilst doing my usual, ‘let’s waste a bit of time when I really should be doing something important’, browsing of Pinterest; I happened across the above image, and it made me a little sad. Thirty years ago, my first thoughts would have been, ‘LOVE/WANT/NEED!’ Today? My first thought was …  ‘Bloody hell, how do you walk in those?’

I have to admit, that despite being 55 and having severe arthritis (etc), I actually DON’T feel ‘old’ … my mindset seems to have settled into the space that was my twenties, I love music and fashion, find myself attracted to younger blokes (should I confess that? lol) and still think I have forever to achieve all my dreams. BUT, there is definitely something that has changed about my attitude towards footwear, and this got me thinking about the significance of shoes.

I thought about the joy that accompanies babies first pair, our squeals of delight to see those chubby little feet clad in bright colours of soft yarn or fabric … and the gentle tears when we happen across them years later, wrapped in tissue and squirrelled away as a memory keeper. We miss our baby … even if the 6ft 4” version is sitting on the sofa right next to us.

I thought about that first pair of school shoes, all black patent shininess and laces that we’d spent all summer learning how to tie (no Velcro fastenings in my era!) and how quickly they became scuffed in the playground. I thought about watching my dad every Sunday afternoon as he polished away all the scratches of the families shoes and remembered the smell of Cherry Blossom shoe polish.

I thought about that first pair of high-heels, four inches high, nut brown and red patchwork (it WAS the 70’s!) Bought from the Co-op Store with my dad, who was sent with me to get school shoes (have a funny feeling my sense of ‘not growing up’ may be inherited) … I was 14 and mum was furious, telling me I had to wear them ’til they wore out, even if they ‘made my feet bleed!’ And I did, I have clear memories of running in them, walking miles and even riding my bike, don’t think mum ever mentioned them again …

Then there were the wedged pair, again a good 4 inches thick, made of solid wood and held on by gladiator type leather straps and buckles. Completely inflexible, and I must have sounded like a pony, clip, clopping away on the pavement. I ran in those too and played hopscotch with my little sister.

There have been pretty court shoes with white leather mesh tops and kitten heels, cotton espadrilles with laces that criss-crossed up to my knees (and were a constant annoyance because if you didn’t tie them tight enough, they would fall into a tangled mess around your ankles … and if you tied them too tightly, you risked losing your leg!). There were my wedding shoes, pale pink, 5 inches high (I married a giant … lol) and strappy … at nineteen, I never even considered that we were getting married in the snow in late November…

I have had Doc Martin boots from Camden Market, purple suede, thigh high boots (in the days when my thighs would fit), court shoes with wedged heels, stacked heels, no heels, ballet pumps and flip-flops. I have spent evenings painting my stilettos with nail polish to cover the nicks left by getting them wedged down cracks in the pavement and added glitter so they’d sparkle on the dance floor. I have hammered in metal ‘Blakeys’ to save the sole and tippy tapped everywhere I went.

Each and every pair evokes a memory.

When my partner passed away, eight years ago, I had the inevitable task of cleaning out his wardrobe … the smell of him was on his shirts and pullovers and each one had to be held close for a few seconds before being folded and placed into the charity bag, and although heartbreakingly  hard, it was just about do-able. But his shoes … his shoes just seemed so much harder to part with and I really don’t know why, his shirt sleeves held the arms that had held me, but the shoes had held up the man that I had loved. It was a long time before I had the heart to part with them and to be truthful, if my eldest son hadn’t said that he would like to have them, they may still be sitting in my wardrobe today.

These days, I love the aesthetics of beautifully designed shoes and haven’t quite gone ‘orthopaedic’ but the heels are just 2 inches now and comfort is pretty vital … mind you, my favourite pair are still bright red, so maybe there is some dancing left in these old feet yet … I do hope so.  😀 x



What were your favourite pair of shoes? Do share, would love to know (I’m nosey like that!) ❤

Smitten with Mittens …

three c useCor blimey guvnor, it is definitely a double duvet kind of day! White Horses are stampeding across the surface of the Solent and barely an autumn leaf has been left clinging to the wind ravaged branches of the swaying trees. With all this in mind (together with the fact my chubby digits are frozen!)….It seemed the ideal time to launch my latest pattern. For those of you lovelies who have been sweet enough to watch my podcast (find me on YouTube if you haven’t already) you’ll be aware that several things have been in the designing stage … today’s subject is MITTENS!

There are Easy Peasy Mittens: Plain, simple, classic. Great for beginners and so fast to whip up you’ll be able to complete half a dozen gifts before December!plain a use

Then there are Cables on my Vectis Mittens: Yummy, twirly, cushiony and stylish. A little more skill required but not much. Still quick enough for gift giving.

cable c

Plus: Both (available separately) come with a ‘bonus’ of instructions that show you how to turn them into convertible ‘flip-top’ versions.

flip c use

If that wasn’t enough, for a limited time (well, until Christmas Day, actually), In my Ravelry Store Only, use The Discount Code: Mittens (Please don’t judge me, I was too knitted out to be any more imaginative!) and receive £1.50 off your total purchase … just a little thank you to you all for being so supportive 😀

… … speaking of support, without boring you with the details, things are really difficult at the moment and if anyone would like to help keep this blog going by pressing the donate button, I would appreciate it so much more than you would ever know. (I accept pennies…pride is none existent, I find, when desperation knocks at the door! lol) ❤

Thank you xxxxx


Happy Knitting Folks … x


Podcast Episode 4, Show notes …



Featured Designer: Sorren Kerr

Anders by Sorren Kerr

Shout Outs:

Podcast Yarnciful   Blog: The Twisted Yarn


Graphic Design by Wightstitches on Redbubble.

Miyu Hare knitting Pattern


Flowers in the Snow Crochet Pattern 

image by Solveig Grimstad

Wightstitches Podcast Ravelry Group.

Thank you so much for watching… ❤ x

Miyu …

Hello Loveys, how are you all diddling? 😀

Just popping by to announce the launch of my latest knitting pattern.

Say hello to Miyu (beautiful moon) Hare.


Miyu is a lovely rag-doll in the form of a mystical and rather pretty hare. Named after the Japanese meaning for ‘beautiful moon’, she is bound to be loved by little (and not so little!) ones everywhere. Soft, floppy, but not too floppy, she is cosy to cuddle, the perfect size for small hands and will sit or lay flat. Her stylish laced boots, stripy tights and removable flared frock can all be made in the colours of your choosing to make your Miyu truly unique.

19 page detailed pattern includes dress and tiny flower. Available to purchase Here.

She is the first in a series of ‘raggy doll’ animals and I do hope you like her … ❤ x